Sunday, January 24, 2010

Enjoying Sex Post Menopause - How to Make it Work Again

Ever been privy to middle aged women's whispers corner? You know what to expect. The talks of 'my husband can't just get me hot anymore', 'maybe you should get a younger man' 'eat more cabbages'. Well, you may find one thing that may work, but you will surely find is that you are not alone!

Encouraging, is it? But also depressing to know that after all, most of the fancy women you see wallowing in wealth and seemingly happy are after all not happy!

Let's first of all understand what every woman should expect at some stage in life, and men at a later stage. What is in this post menopause period?

Menopause is the period during which most women stop experiencing the monthly period. It simply indicates that the period of sexual activity is diminishing. The body is no longer able to make babies, which to Mother Nature that is the main purpose of sex. The body therefore cuts off most of the resources associated with sex. This includes the hormones such as estrogen and the energies that go along with the event. This simply turns off the mind from menopause sex.

Now that we know what menopause is, let's explore the things that make menopause sex boring or steals off the fire.

Previous disappointments: this is mainly related to previous disappointments in sexual intercourse. Failure to experience orgasm in previous encounters can leave a bad taste and take away expectation. Similarly, painful experiences that are often caused by wounds or illness that affect the sexual organs such as STIs can also diminish desire for sex.

Guilt: this may be as a result of rape, of abortion or any other event in which one feels that they could have done something to avoid the result.

Poor communication with sex partner: you may be complaining about lack of satisfaction to yourself. Yet your sex partner holds the key to changing that. Many women get to their menopause with spouses who are not aware of their failures to making the woman happy.

Lax muscles: this is part of the natural process of aging, the vaginal wall loses its ability to have tensile effect.

Diminishing estrogen levels: this too is a natural process that comes with age. It leads to thinning of vaginal wall and diminishing vaginal fluids.

So how can you get back the fire?

Communicate: tell your spouse what really makes you tic. Speak to a sex therapists and physician; it may be a medical condition.

Eat well: no better solution. Even in the case surgery or exercises, you need to eat well.

Exercise: this works by increasing the energy levels and making the body responsive to sex.


Jenna Culbertson said...

More power to anyone who chooses to continue to have sex after menopause. You might be getting older but you still have needs to be met. The best thing is to stay proactive and learn as much as possible and communicate with each other.

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